About Me

My passion for cheese began during a trip to the South of France about ten years ago.  I was strolling on a side street in Avignon where I discovered a small, charming food and wine marche’ (shop).  The owner introduced me to an ultra creamy, luscious camembert cheese with freshly shaved truffles (oh my).  He insisted I pair a rose colored tavel wine with this fragrant cheese. This was an inspiring and never forgotten experience for me, which also introduced me to the importance of pairing the right wine with the right cheese.  So began my exploration into this superb delicacy.

My simple walk through Avignon was the beginning of my dedication to learning and sharing about the captivating world of cheese and wine. I read books, attended classes, got a certification, joined the American Cheese Society, worked in a neighborhood wine shop and experimented endlessly on myself and adventurous friends (they were even willing to try the stinky ones).

Now, it is my hope to share some of what I have learned and come to love in a fun and encouraging setting.  I would like for you to savor the experience as I do.

Indulge with me…


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